FlightTrack Pro gains seat maps, terminal displays

Flying--whether we like to admit it or not--is stressful. Thankfully, a variety of apps can help alleviate some of the pressures. One popular option, , allows users to schedule and map flights; version 4.0, released Monday, adds a slew of new features dedicated to helping the world-weary power traveler or vacationing couple.

The new iteration of the universal app sports a refinished user interface, with crisper graphics and larger, better organized menus. Each flight you look up now has a variety of options associated with it; in addition to the older departure/arrival board, airport weather report, and FAA information, the app has added terminal maps, access to the airport's full departures/arrival board (an in-app purchase of $4), a revamped graph of historical days, full flight schedule, and a seat map--so you know just how many inches of legroom you're being squeezed into.

The app also sports sync with , push alerts, speed and altitude tracking, flight notes, alternate flight search, and an online/offline flight tracker featuring satellite Google Maps. FlightTrack Pro is available in the App Store for $10--if you're looking for something more inexpensive, its sync-less, push-less cousin, , is available for $4. Both require any iOS device running 3.0 or later.