Flickr Gets Flashy With New Video-Enabled Mobile Site

Flickr's making it easier to stay connected with a brand new mobile site . The revamped brings a refreshed design and a handful of new features, including mobile video playback for some Flickr users.

Mobile Limitations

First, the reality check: The new Flickr mobile won't work with all cell phones. The enhanced features are limited to devices The list is pretty extensive, though -- if you have an iPhone, an iPod Touch, an Android phone, or a device with Opera Mobile, Firefox Mobile, or another WebKit-based browser, you're golden. Otherwise, you'll be limited to basic functionality.

The video playback feature is currently available only on the iPhone and iPod Touch, though Flickr promises to roll out support to the other "advanced browser" platforms in the very near future.

As for mobile video uploading, it follows the model and is available only to "pro" subscribers, with a 90-second cap placed on all uploaded clips.

A Full Makeover