Five Quick Tips for Better Holiday Photos


Want to cruise your neighborhood and shoot holiday lighting at night? Armed with a tripod, it's easy to do--be sure to read "."

While you're at it, you might want to put some people in those scenes and shoot some portraits. Remember that you need to combine a slow shutter speed--which exposes the lights and decorations in the background--with a flash to illuminate your human subjects. And don't wait too long to go out: The best time to get these photos is around dusk, when there's still a little light in the sky.

Don't forget to include your four-legged family members in your holiday pictures. Be sure to consider these "," and introduce them into scenes you want to shoot.

Also, take a tip from the making of OK Go's dog-infested video . If you want your pet to look somewhere in particular, dangle food. You can have a helper hold a treat or piece of cheese near the camera to get your dog's undivided attention.