Firefox 3.0.9 fixes bugs so you don't have to

Who cares about when there's big web-browser news afoot? It's true: Mozilla has released a new maintenance and security update for Firefox.

Available via Firefox 3.0's Help -> Check for Updates menu, Firefox 3.0.9 won't blow your socks off with new features like the  might, but it should help you sleep a little better at night with all the security updates and squashed bugs. Detailed on Mozilla's , this updated fixes problems related to JavaScript, malicious search plug-ins that can inject code into sites, and crashes related to memory corruption.

As far as general bugs go, Firefox 3.0.9 fixes problems like large forms taking too long to submit, inline image attachments in webmail services not displaying, and the loss of cookies.

Firefox 3.0.9 weighs 17.2MB and is available now for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.