Find the 'Missing' Hotfix Link in the December 2010 Issue

You know the posts I write here every day? Each month, a handful of them get culled for the print edition of PC World. And in the December, 2010, issue, on page 128, one of my tips ("Fix a Windows 7 System That Randomly Freezes") suffered a small but decidedly confusing editorial error.

Indeed, as reader Leonard puts it, "[Rick] says to click 'View and request hotfix downloads.' Where is he referring to? Since this problem affects my machine it would help to know what he is talking about."

Yes, I can see how the absence of an actual link would leave readers scratching their heads. So, without further delay, here's the link to the .

And in case you missed either the original post or the print edition, check out . I think it's proven useful for a lot of readers.

Sorry for the goof!