FIFA Earth tracks worldwide FIFA 10 stats in 3D in browsers

To go along with the release of this week, EA Sports is also hosting a new feature on the official FIFA website dubbed . The Flash-based global stat tracking app pulls in a constant feed from copies of the game being played around the world on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and sorts the data by mapping it onto a 3D globe. Though currently in beta, the app already presents a fascinating array of data including the ?hottest? and ?coldest? teams (based on wins and losses with in-game teams) as well as a constantly updated feed of where the best FIFA players are located. Today, for example the best performing players are located in India, but overall (since the application launched) it?s currently the Italians that play the best, followed a bit of a shock...Americans at number two. This will no doubt change as the game finds itself into more homes around the world.

FIFA Earth will run all year round, and keep track of the number of games, number of wins, losses and draws, and sort this data by team, and location. It will also allow you to dig back through the data to find the best and worst plays by day, week or month. The app also tracks all Twitter mentions of the game as they are happening, and keeps track of the number of mentions during the past 24 hours.

As a snapshot of how a game like this is impacting popular culture around the world, FIFA Earth is a fascinating exercise, and something that we fully expect to see replicated for other titles too. The potential for tracking performance in online shooters, or MMOs certainly seems to have a lot of potential.