FAQ: How to get Windows 8 now...legally

Starting yesterday, Microsoft began releasing the final code of Windows 8 to developers, IT professionals and businesses that license the company's products in volume.

, but how can you get your hands on the new operating system before it officially launches Oct. 26?

We spell out two ways -- one free, one not -- that you can use right now to try out the revamped OS.

Is there a way to get Windows 8 RTM for free? Yes, there is, but it's not a use-forever copy. Microsoft offers a limited-time trial of Windows 8 Enterprise -- the version aimed at, surprise, enterprises -- that anyone can download free-of-charge.

Although Microsoft says that the evaluation copy is "intended for developers building Windows 8 apps and IT professionals interested in trying Windows 8 Enterprise on behalf of their organization," it's not blocking others from grabbing the .iso, or disk image, file.

To download the 90-day trial -- it's available in 32- and 64-bit versions -- start at .