Facebook Mulling Privacy Changes Via Public Comments


One commenter was irked by the short time period Facebook allowed for public comment on the proposed changes spelled out in a 4700 word-plus proposal. "People were given less than 10 days to post comments and many of us were unaware of the SR&R post until it was mentioned in news articles this week," Lyn Dyles complained.

She was also critical of a change that would allow applications used by a "friend" to grab data from the friends of that friend. "If I am not a user of an application, and if I have not given consent to have my information shared with the app, then my privacy is being violated," she wrote.

Facebook posted a notice that it was looking for comments on its proposed changes on March 15 and declared the deadline for such comments was March 22. More than 1000 comments about the statement changes were submitted to Facebook.

Many of those comments were complaints about Timeline, a design change recently imposed by Facebook on all its users, and a change that some believe of the social network's members

Under a Privacy Microscope