Facebook Likes This: Lego-Arduino Hack Shows Your Likes

Attention Facebook fans! Check out what you get when you combine a love for Zuckerberg's social network, along with some Lego bricks and an Arduino board.

Yes, it's the Facebook "like" button realized in lamp form. Dubbed the "LikeLight" and created by of ad agency , this cool light is bound to excite any click-happy Facebook user. The light not only looks great, but it actually lights up whenever somebody hits the like button on your Facebook page.

To create the light, Matt first made use of , re-creating the Like icon on his Mac. Once the light was designed, and the bricks ordered, Matt got to work on building the light from scratch.

Beyond the plastic bricks, a little computing power was required, which came courtesy of an Arduino board. The Arduino board was then connected to some LED boards, and with a little coding the job was done. You can watch the whole process in the following time-lapse video:

Matt has made the Arduino script, which makes use of Facebook's Graph API, public and you can .

No doubt many a social media manager would love to have one of these lights sitting on their desks, blinking away every time somebody hit that like button, so it's no surprise that Matt if his 'LikeLight' will be made available for sale.