Expo Notes: Ortery brings interactive photos to iOS devices

Showing products online is typically a flat, 2D affair. The ability to create interactive 3D and 360-degree photographs of objects isn't new, but properly lighting, capturing, and combining the numerous images needed for an interactive animation is a daunting and expensive task.

greatly simplifies the process for businesses who want to create their own images on-site (and without a professional photographer) with a combination of turntables, lighting, and software. And now the company is offering tools to save the final interactive animations in formats that are iOS-compatible. You can see that works on any iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Ortery is demonstrating some of its Mac-compatible systems and animations on the Macworld Expo 2011 floor. The centerpiece of the system is a turntable, housed in a fully-lit desktop studio, that connects to a camera and computer. Ortery's custom software (included in the package) controls the lighting, rotates the object, triggers the camera, and assembles the shots into an interactive image.

The final assembled 3D and 360-degree images can be saved as Flash and as HTML+Javascript. The HTML images work in Safari on iOS devices, allowing users to rotate an object with a finger swipe.

The studios are are available in multiple configurations and sizes. Ortery's newest product, the PhotoArm 2000, is a rig that can be used to photograph larger objects at almost every possible angle.

Ortery also makes TruView 360 and TruView 3D— advanced applications for creating interactive images including adding deep zoom options. The TruView software will be available for Macs in March.