Expo: Gefen to release two new wireless products

Mac accessory-maker will introduce two new wireless products at next week’s Macworld Conference & Expo, the company said on Tuesday.

The GefenTV Wireless for VGA Extender allows users with VGA monitors to be extended up to 30 feet line of sight. The technology uses 802.11, according to Gefen. The VGA extender can deliver video resolutions up to 720p or 1280x1024 along with two-channel audio from the computer to the extended display.

The second product being introduced at Expo is the GefenTV Wireless for 1080p Full HD Extender. It is effective up to 30-feet and supports the delivery of multi-channel audio in the HDMI format. This extender can deliver 1080p full HD to any flat panel display using HDMI or DVI connections.

Gefen said the two products will be available sometime in the first or second quarter of 2009.