Exclusive: Sony to launch tablet in time for Christmas

Sony has confirmed that it will launch a by the end of the year.

The technology giant isn't the most well-known tablet maker but after speaking to various Sony representatives this week, a follow-up to the current tablets in on the cards. The and both launched last year and we've seen nothing from Sony since. See also:

Details are limited but one spokesperson told they were sure we would be taking a look at a new device at some point over the next few months which will tip up before Christmas.

Both the Tablet S and Tablet P run on Google's operating system but it is unclear whether the mystery tablet will continue this trend or offer something different like . In our opinion it is possible Sony will make different models offering Windows 8 and .

Windows 8 will launch by the end of October and after all, just about every other vendor is fighting to get a Windows 8 tablet out first. We'd like to see a new tablet or two from Sony so stay tuned for further details.

Another firm looking to launch a new tablet is . The smartphone maker told PC Advisor it will launch a follow-up to the Flyer in the UK.