Ex-Hacker Comments on How PSN Attack May Have Gone Down

The PlayStation Network is , but Sony has yet to give an explanation as to why and how the attack for over a month.

Former hacker and lead architect at , Kyle Adams, spoke with PCWorld about how the hack may have occurred. Adams suggests Sony may have left its doors wide open for attack by using outdated software.

Hackers likely gained access using an , according to Adams. In other words, hackers inserted malicious code into the database, and the server erroneously executed the code. This allowed the hackers to gain access to the server.

Adams suggests that the attackers may have entered the server . Sony's blog was using an outdated version of Wordpress, which has known .

"It seems likely to me that Sony got attacked through its web services first, such as the blog, and it opened up the doors to the rest of Sony's servers," Adams told PCWorld.