Every Talk I Have About Buying a Laptop Goes Like This…

Because I'm the editor in charge of coverage for PCWorld, I'm frequently asked for advice by friends, family, and coworkers looking to get a new laptop. That's not really surprising, and it's not even unwelcome. What surprises me is just how similar the conversations are to one another. From home to business users, casual shoppers to dialed-in tech professionals, the memes are the same. Basically, every conversation I have about buying a laptop goes something like this...

Buyer: Hey Jason, you got a minute? I want to get a new laptop and I want to pick your brain.

Me: Sure thing. How old is your current laptop?

Buyer: Oh I don't know... maybe 2 years?

Me: Well what model is it?

Buyer: (lists some 4-year old mid-range model)