eSports Update: GSL Up and Down Results, Code S Finals

The last month of Starcraft II has been full of ups and downs--literally, in the case of the GSL Up and Down matches--and it's wrapping up tonight in a climactic Terran vs. Terran matchup for the Code S tournament finals.

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After a month of high-level play in the Code S tournament, the competitive field has narrowed to two players: Jung-Hoon "" Lee (known in earlier GSL tournaments as "Foxer" or "Boxer"--not to be confused with SlayerSBoxer) and Jong-Hyun "IMmvp" Jung, both Terran players who powered through the best the world has to offer to make it to the finals.

IMmvp's road to the finals hasn't been easy, and by taking out opponents like Chan-Min "TheBestfOu" Kim (Terran), Ki-Soo "TSL_Trickster" Seo (Protoss) and teammate (and season 2 GSL champion) (Zerg) he has demonstrated that he's capable of handling high-level players of any race. If he's going to take this best of seven series, it's going to be with his superior fundamentals and solid long-game play.