Ensuring mistrust -- companies not coming clean on problems

It has been quite a month for organizations mishandling bad situations. In all of these cases, delays in reporting the problem made it worse, and in one case the decision to not be forthcoming about the actual risk may cost a company most of its customers.

In early February an overhead light fixture fell in one of the Boston "Big Dig" tunnels but it was more than a month before the public who drives through the tunnel was told. On March 15, a system at company Comodo was used to create fake security certificates for a number of major U.S. companies, but .

And, at some, so far unknown point, RSA, the folks that bring you the SecureID tokens used by thousands of companies to protect their electronic assets, . 

As of this writing, RSA has still not said just what happened.


The decision to not tell the public about the Big Dig lighting problem has already cost one highway administrator his job and has become a daily reminder of the expensive mess that was the whole Big Dig project.