Elgan: How to become an iPhone Vulcan

Star Trek's Mr. Spock is one of the most compelling characters in all of science fiction. The attributes that made him indispensible to the captain and crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise (not to mention to the lucrative Star Trek franchise) -- his stoic attitude, mastery of logic, accelerated education and physical fitness -- also happen to be key ingredients of success right here on Earth.

Beyond Spock's pointy ears, pneumatic eyebrow and green blood, nearly all Spock's best characteristics were acquired through training and practice. Vulcans are made, not born. And self-made Vulcans walk among us.

Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, who crash-landed a U.S. Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson river in January, is . A bird strike at low altitude over a densely populated area of New York shut down both engines of his jetliner. Sullenberger used his " " to compartmentalize his emotional response to the event, and pushed aside all thoughts other than those necessary to safely land the airplane.

Sports legend Tiger Woods has spent his entire life and the psychological techniques to concentrate under the pressure of the media's glare and world-class competition. Woods uses his extraterrestrial powers of concentration, and ultra-repetitive training, to make himself the .

Whether you support or oppose him, you have to admit that Barack Obama won the presidency using . His preparation, ability to quickly master complex topics, logical argumentation and debate skills and calm under pressure were all key factors in winning the election.

Like Mr. Spock himself, these and other self-made Vulcans acquired a set of attributes through training and hard work. You can, too, with a little help from your iPhone.