EA announces enhanced NBA Jam, plans for next NBA sim

EA Sports has announced today the development of : On Fire Edition, an improved version of last year's revival of the arcade classic. On Fire includes new modes that build on the previous version's, including Jam Arena, which EA only describes as a "new, dynamic online competition;" Road Trip, another online mode that's essentially a co-op version of the traditional campaign mode, and "tag" and "team fire" features that allow players to switch between teammates and use co-operative "on fire" super moves.

In addition, NBA Jam: On Fire will have updated rosters, new secrets, and a new AI system from computer-controlled players, based on the AI used in EA's Fight Night series. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is planned for release this October on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

EA also used the opportunity of the NBA Jam announcement to include a statement on their next basketball sim, following the untimely demise of NBA Elite 11 (the game was canceled at the last minute after a flurry of negative reaction from fans and internal doubt). The next game is set to be released in fall 2012.

EA Sports president Peter Moore stated in the announcement that they have "top talent" on the next NBA game, making sure that the developers at Tiburon are given the time to make a good product.