E-voting booth video: 'I'm seeing some strange things'

Virginia's electronic voting machine problems prompted one person, who identified himself as a former software quality assurance tester, to into the belly of the beast: the voting booth.

In a Fairfax County polling place, this anonymous individual runs the voting touch-screen through a seemingly methodical drill as he films. Repeatedly tapping on the interface, he tests various election options, such as changing votes and moving through screens. He kept this up for 8 1/2 minutes and then uploaded the finished product to YouTube. There's no indication that anyone noticed or bothered him during the filming.

The only thing the anonymous person says, with a mixture of surprise and astonishment, comes about 7:40 minutes into the filming: "I'm seeing some strange things."

Did he?

Let the viewer be the judge, but curious things do show up during his testing. One of the oddest seemed to illustrate how a firm click on president would also activate a senate choice as well, at least some of the time. The voting machine also seems responsive and at other times unresponsive. He summarized his finding in the titled of his video: WINvote Electronic Voting Machine Quality Assurance Tests? FAILED!

Virginia is to test an electronic voting system. The state was cited Tuesday by voting watchdog groups as . That assessment may be helped along by Tuesday's hyper news cycle, fueled by Twitter and blogging, and a constant stream of reports of glitches, jams and lines. The anonymous polling booth blogger is a more extreme version of a citizen watchdog in action, but probably not a unique example of citizen media at work.