DuckDuckGo: Search Engine with an Eye for Privacy

Fans of Linux Mint may recall the project's decision late last year to include the DuckDuckGo search engine among the default of its latest release, also known as

That decision proved a bit --primarily because of DuckDuckGo's ties to Microsoft's Bing--but there's no denying there were compelling reasons for the switch.

Not only is built on , but it also doesn't track users: no personal information is collected, shared, or used to customize individual users' search results. So, anyone searching on a particular term in DuckDuckGo will get the same results.

Don't try that at home if you're using Google.

Concerns about Mint's use of DuckDuckGo died down pretty quickly after the announcement was made, but recently DuckDuckGo has emerged into the limelight again. The reason this time? None other than its adoption by yet another distro.

'A Truly Private Search Experience'