Did Apple Really Lose Another iPhone?

The Web was buzzing Wednesday with reports that an Apple employee had in a bar. Whether or not this is indeed the case is now less clear, following some additional reporting and investigation.

The San Francisco Police Department that it had no knowledge of any incident, and that Apple was "not giving us anything" to help verify CNET's claims. SFPD spokesperson Officer Albie Esparza repeated this to PCWorld on Thursday afternoon:

"We do not have any knowledge of an Apple iPhone investigation," Esparza said. "I am trying to locate a report associated with that case and so far have been unsuccessful in doing so."

CNET, the news outlet that , claimed that sources said the SFPD was involved in an investigation into the device’s disappearance. CNET also reported that the lost iPhone was tracked was tracked to a specific residence, however no device was found after police searched the property.

Apple has yet to respond to the SFPD's queries, which raises doubts into the report's validity. With the company being uncooperative with the police, there is no way yet to confirm if the claims made Wednesday are real, a misunderstanding, or even a hoax.

The bar's owner does remember someone contacting him several times about a lost iPhone--then again, how many iPhones are lost in bars everyday?