DHL launches suite of Web-based tools

DHL has launched a suite of Web-based shipment visibility and event notification tools to give customers a better view of the transit status of their ground and air express packages.

With the new ProView tools, DHL customers can view all of their incoming and outgoing shipments and receive notifications of important events via a number of technology platforms, including e-mail or SMS text messaging to a PC, cell phone or mobile device.

ProView gives DHL customers real-time event notification when a shipment or group of shipments reaches key transfer points, including when shipments are en route for courier delivery or if they have been delayed because of an incorrect address.

Shipment notification filters built into ProView give customers more control over the types of notifications they receive. They can, for instance, track individual shipments or get a summary of shipments grouped by the billed-to account number, according to DHL. Customers no longer need to rely on entering individual waybills into a system for tracking.

Shipment visibility is available for up to 2,000 customer accounts.

DHL customers can register for ProView service by logging onto and choosing the "Track" pull-down menu.