Deal With Your Internet Pet Peeves With These Chrome Extensions

Let's face it: No matter how enjoyable spending day after day online can be, as each hour adds up there are a few little things that just get more annoying. Whether it's having to browse through hundreds of browser tabs to find the one you want, or it's dealing with what other people say, here's a collection of plugins for Google Chrome that will help keep you from getting so wound up.

If you go WTF about what people write and "" makes you utter a primal scream, try . It lets you replace any words you hate with ones of your choosing across the Web, whether it's an acronym or a typo that you come across way too often.

It's a great way of improving what you read, but is also perfect for a bit of fun. I'm currently making the entire Internet fit in the age of bowler-hat Britain, by swapping "bro" for "my good fellow," and replacing "LOL" with "that did cause me to titter." Be warned: No matter how funny swapping "love" for "glove" might be at the time, it will replace that word in any text field, and that could lead to some awkward conversations. On the other hand, that alone is a great reason to install it on someone else's machine... (Although I never told you to do that.)

It's a bit drastic to say that you should never look at the bottom half of webpages, but the average IQ as presented in comments can easily be brought up a bit by removing those with the intellectual equivalent of banging a brick against the side of your face. hides those comments that abuse capitalization, contain too many spelling mistakes, overuse or misuse punctuation, and so on.