Comcast, Verizon Bicker Over HD Lineup

As Verizon steps up promotion of in Philadelphia, Comcast is lashing out at the competitor, saying that Verizon's claim of having more HD channels is misleading, . But when we tale a closer look is taken at the HD content options of the two companies, it becomes apparent that both have done their fair share of misleading.

In the big picture view, Comcast looks to have a lead over Verizon by offering 1304 HD choices compared to Verizon's 1057. These HD choices break down into several categories such as HD movies, video clips, and television shows offered as on-demand HD content. One such category, and the source of Comcast's attack, is the category of "HD Empty How-To Choices" which includes such fascinating programming as instruction for blow-drying hair, folding a pillowcase, and chopping garlic. Comcast has none of this programming, while Verizon has 268 choices for it. Is it ridiculous filler content? Definitely. Is it in HD? Yes, and so technically Verizon can claim it toward its overall HD content total. Is it misleading? No.

You see, Verizon never claimed to have more or higher quality HD choices; Verizon specifically claimed to have more HD channels. And it turns out Verizon is right. While Comcast offers only 37 HD channels, Verizon offers nearly three times as many with 104 HD channels. Comcast also claims that of Verizon's 104 channels, 20 of them are marginal channels not rated by Nielson, but even then Verizon still offers 84 HD channels over Comcast's 37. And when you're talking about a television provider, aren't the actual channels what is really important? I don't know, maybe that's just me.