Colt rolls out modular data centre designs

Data centre infrastructure provider Colt has launched a set of modular designs that it claims offer end users unprecedented flexibility in power density, size and Tier configurations.

Launching the new products at DataCentres Europe 2011, in Nice, Colt said a modular data centre offers end users the advanaes of a bespoke data centre but built in a far more effective way. Colt particularly targets financial services, retail and logistics customers.

Guy Ruddock, Vice President of Operations, Colt Data Centre Services said, "We have been building modular data centres for a few years and are including increased flexibility into all our designs."

"We have made hundreds of improvements since we originally launched our Modular Data Centre design. Each customer benefits from this knowledge gained from a continuous improvement programme."

Colt promises improved power efficiency, with the new product able to deliver power density of up to 3000W per square metre or reduce it to as low as 750W per square metre, depending on the customer requirements. Current products offer 1500W and 1625W per square metre as standard.

The company is now offering tier levels 2, 3, 3+ or 4 across its range of Modular Data Centres, and is working with the Uptime Institute to have the new designs independently certified.