Coda 1.6 gains plug-in support

Software maker has updated its Web site development application to version 1.6.

The latest version adds several new features, including support for plug-ins. With plug-ins, you can script Coda to extend its functionality, either by writing your own or by downloading other users' plug-ins. Panic's provides instructions for creating plug-ins, as well as a downloadable Coda Plug-In Creator tool plus samples and source code.

An Open Quickly window now lets you easily find and open a local file you want to edit from your site. A Smart Spelling feature can spell-check non-code text (as you type, if you're running Leopard). Subversion support in the sidebar makes it easier to work with the source control system. And the search bar now lets you find and replace text across multiple local files.

costs US$99 (or $85 if you own Panic's , and the update is free to registered users.