Clip Web Pages and Send Them Straight to Your Kindle

A couple weeks ago I showed you . Today, let's talk about another kind of reading material: Web content.

For example, suppose you want to save a killer Hassle-Free PC post for later reading on your Kindle. Or an online interview with your favorite movie star. It's easier than you might think: all you need is , a clever bookmarklet that clips and sends Web pages to your Kindle.

I love this thing. It's great for those times when, say, you're about to head out of town and want something besides a book to read. Or when you want to archive something useful for later reference.

Once it's set up, using Kindlebility is literally as simple as clicking the bookmarklet on whatever page you're viewing. And speaking of setup, it's pretty much a three-step process: simply enter your e-mail address on the Kindlebility page, drag your bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar, then authorize Kindlebility in your Kindle's account settings.

If you need more help, check out this .

There are, of course, other ways to send Web pages to your Kindle, but I think Kindlebility is the easiest. Give it a try!