Cisco accuses Huawei of misstating findings of 10-year-old litigation

Adding more intrigue to this week's , has accused Huawei of misrepresenting the between the two companies almost 10 years ago.

In a published today, Cisco General Counsel Mark Chandler accused Huawei of misstating the facts about the case in recent remarks by its chief representative in the U.S. The litigation centered around Huawei's unauthorized use of Cisco source code in Huawei routers.


In remarks made two weeks ago, Huawei Senior Vice President and Chief Representative Charles Ding absolved his company of any infringement of Cisco intellectual property; said Cisco dropped the case after reviewing Huawei's source code; and said the source code came from a third party and was already open and widely available on the Internet.

Cisco waived its confidentiality provisions from that litigation to refute Ding's claims this week.

"The agreement that ended that lawsuit allows either party to make a reasonable response to improper or impermissible statements by the other," Chandler blogged. "Mr. Ding's statements of two weeks ago indeed misstate the facts and therefore merit a direct, factually accurate and proportionate response."