CeBIT 2010 delegates talk net filtering, NBN and R18+ games


Another said parents would still buy the R18+ game "to shut kids up", and said shut a rating would require mandatory identity checks and censorship of advertisements.

However, a R18+ rating would, if identity checks were required, be more appropriate than the current system according to the general consensus among interviewed delegates of both sexes, aged from 18 to 60.

"The more you restrict something, the more you create a novel avenue for people to circumvent the controls. Smoking, alcohol; Whenever there are restrictions, there are blackmarkets. If your game is banned, then you'll buy it over the Internet," Jim Lawrence-Plant said.

Delegates were unsure how to address the growth of illegal sharing of copyrighted materials online.

"The studios need to do something to make movies cheaper and accessible -- I paid about $40 for a couple of movie tickets, but can download a pirate movie for free," said one University of Sydney student.