Cast of thousands just the tip of the Access iceberg


"Similarly, during the rollout period, DHS (Department of Human Services) will be required to run dual systems. This will be very costly if the timeframe is unnecessarily long."

In order for Centrelink to process an estimated 6.5 million registrations in a 12-month period, 1200 new staff will be required and Medicare will require either 900 or 600 additional staff based upon a one- or two-year period, respectively, to process 9.5 million registrations.

A spokesperson for DHS said the figures are sound; however, the department is not yet certain whether it will go ahead with the KPMG report recommendations.

"Who would key this data in is yet to be determined and it is too early to say how registration is going to occur as we have yet to get a lead advisor and CTO on board," the spokesperson said.

"We (Department of Human Services) are not hiring staff for registration at the moment as we are hiring a lead advisor and launching a program for assurance monitoring and the lead advisor will have a role to implement this project.