Canadian health care is almost filmless


The viewer is going to be "critical for the next step of the electronic health record and the patient health record and Canada Health Infoway's blueprint," said Wilson. "It's higher performance, there's no installation of any software. Think of it as an Internet browser that allows you to look at medical images," he said.

Over the past year, Agfa has expanded into chronic care registries and data sharing across departments such as labs and nursing. "Agfa HealthCare has become an enterprise healthcare solution provider across the board," said Wilson.

Radiology has been a good launching point for Agfa to expand in other areas, according to Wilson. "Because we've been able to deal with large images and large complex provincial projects, when we move into areas like chronic disease registries -- diabetes, cardiac, cancer -- the expertise is already in house on how to deliver a large project," he said.

"The outcome is different, but the methodology and the process to get there are the same more or less. It's been a great learning experience for Agfa and it's allowed us to expand our business beyond the radiology side of things," said Wilson.