Brutal Legend demo: preorders now, 9/24 on XBL, 10/1 on PSN

EA and Double Fine have announced that a demo for the highly-anticipated, Jack Black headlining is now available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, exclusively to customers who reserve the game.

The demo, which has been attracting crowds throughout the day here at GamePro Towers, includes the games intro, as well as the beginning of Eddie Riggs' adventure through his first boss battle. While the press release below doesn't confirm it, an EA rep has confirmed that you can still pre-order the game at GameStop and obtain the demo over the next few days.

If you're poor and patient, the demo will be made available to the broadband owning masses. The confirmed the dates that the demo will be freed, as Xbox Live users can snatch the demo on September 24, and PlayStation Network users can grab it on October 1.

The official press release is below. Rock on!