Browser Bug Report: Chrome Buggier Than Firefox or IE

As Firefox and Chrome with and , a newly completed analysis is answering the question over which browser has the most bugs.

Mozilla this week and is now working on a set to debut in early January. Google executives, meanwhile, reportedly indicated that Chrome is on the brink of coming out of beta altogether.

Testing, 1, 2, 3

In contrast to what those timelines might suggest, Chrome is being called the buggiest browser of all in a review released Wednesday. Open software testing community used its crowdsource-based model to sign up 1,300 volunteer testers for the project. Each tester compared Firefox 3.1's first beta with Chrome's third beta ( and Internet Explorer 8 beta 2. Neither Opera nor Safari was included in the analysis.

The testers competed for eight days to see who could uncover the most problems. uTest then verified and compiled the results to determine how each browser fared.

General Findings