Boutique PC builders: When you want the very best


If you're interested in the corporate version, Digital Storm also offers . The Protus C20, C40 and CX (with starting prices of $2,699, $4,715 and $5,690, respectively) come in a variety of configurations; for example, the Protus CX is available with dual Xeon processors and an Nvidia Quadro graphics card. While the sky is not quite the limit (depending on how high you think the sky is), I racked up enough upgrades on the CX (better Xeon CPUs, four times the 12GB available in the base configuration and a better Quadro graphics card) to supersize the price to almost $11,000.

includes five models ranging from 15.6 to 18 in. Interestingly, the X18, an 18-in. gaming laptop with a an Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M, is not the most expensive laptop it carries -- the big-ticket item is the 17E, a $2,982 desktop replacement laptop with an Intel Core i7 980X six-core processor. Adding some more and memory will get that to $5,672 without breaking a sweat.

Digital Storm provides an online that could easily qualify as the mother of all FAQs. Its desktop products, including its workstations, have three-, four- or five-year labor and one-, two- or three-year parts warranties, while the laptop group is offered with a one-year warranty. Lifetime phone support is the norm for all its products.

All this points to an older era of service when owners were expected to actually know something about the computers they purchased. It appears that Digital Storm adopts an old-school method of offering support by addressing the needs of the hard-core geek who wants the extreme performance PC experience.