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Digital Storm is a nine-year-old company whose name fits its mission: to cater to the extreme gaming crowd. It's what has helped catapult the company from start-up status to the 10,000-square-foot facility it occupies today.

The basic inventory includes the . (which includes the Assassin and Hailstorm models) and the . lineup of desktops. The Assassin offers an unusual heat flow/cooling design, while the Hailstorm is touted as one of Digital Storm's most upgradeable models.

I recently encountered an with a $3,400 price tag attached that Digital Storm was trying to pass off as a "mainstream gaming computer." And the Lincoln Memorial is just a statue of some dead guy. In testing, that PC bumped benchmarks with systems costing twice as much, and while it never quite bettered them, I wondered why anyone would pay so much more for just a tiny bit better performance.