BlackBerry: Customize 'In-Holster' Call, Alert Settings

Did you know that certain Research In Motion (RIM) and third-party holsters, cases and pockets are designed to work along with your BlackBerry smartphone to not only protect it from damage, but to save you battery and offer custom "in-holster" notifications and alerts?

If not, you're missing out on a number of cool and valuable features that help set BlackBerry apart from its competitors.

Not a holster-on-the-belt kind of person? No, me neither. But that's okay. The custom BlackBerry "in-holster" features also work with any BlackBerry case or leather pocket with the necessary "sleeper magnet," the majority of which are made by RIM. (Check out RIM's online store, , for a complete list of official cases/holsters/etc. that allow for custom BlackBerry notifications and battery savings.)

Keep reading for details on how to modify and set custom BlackBerry smartphone in-holster settings. (Note: The following instructions apply to any BlackBerry smartphone running RIM's BlackBerry 6 mobile OS.)