Big Blue seeks to help manufacturing firms innovate

IBM is embarking on a new task seeking to grow the business of manufacturing firms. And Big Blue aims to do this by transforming company data into useful information.

Confident with the power of IT in improving businesses, IBM claims of holding the key to make manufacturing companies exploit their assets well through the use of IBM's Distinctive Solutions.

"Companies should reconfigure themselves and harness the power of IT, and IBM is now eyeing to innovate manufacturing companies by improving their business processes," said Randy Sng, industry manager of IBM General Business in ASEAN.

Sng said a lot of manufacturing companies have data"but not information," and that IBM aims to transform those data into information.

"With information, companies can organize it for better decision-making," Sng said. "CEOs must continue to look at improvement such as education, training, and consolidate them and improve on those."

The executive said IBM's distinctive solutions are designed to address key manufacturing trends such as outsourcing (cost innovation, proximity and opportunity); enterprise improvement (people, product, and process); IT as business enabler; and issues on resiliency as well as compliance.