Banks still upbeat on NFC despite iPhone 5 disappointment

Australia's top banks are moving forward with plans to support near field communications (NFC) despite Apple's decision not to support the contactless payment technology in the iPhone 5. A number of NFC-enabled devices running Google's Android mobile platform are available in Australia, including smartphones from Samsung, HTC and Sony.

"NFC and mobile payments is still an emerging solution and I still think it will be some time before all the interested parties are ready to come to the fore," Westpac head of mobile payments, Daryl Babus, told Computerworld Australia.

"We will continue to monitor closely what Apple is doing in this space."

The , the bank's technology head of strategy and innovation, Denis Curran said at a recent conference in Sydney.

"We all thought that the Apple iPhone 5 would come out with NFC," he said.

"What will that do to adoption of NFC in Australia for mobile? How do we adapt our strategies to them?"