Australian state signs up for content management

Australia's Northern Territory government today signed a whole-of-government contract for enterprise content management and document management services across the entire state.

The government has signed a contract for TRIM Context by Tower software. Currently the government has between 3000 and 4000 concurrent users of TRIM. This contract extends use of the software across the entire public service.

The new contract involves a perpetual licence for TRIM over five years paid over three. The Northern Territory government will pay continual annual maintenance on the licences that may eventually see 10,000 desktops using the software.

Under this agreement, existing TRIM software will be upgraded to TRIM Context 6.

Greg Coleman, director of the Northern Territory archives services within the Department of Corporate and Information Services, said potentially everyone within the government (10,000 desktops) could have access to the software.

Coleman said they already have a number of TRIM licences on desktops (3-4000) and they are working with government agencies to gain more momentum in rolling out the software.