Australian ISP switches off Linux for Windows


"Red Hat is out of this organization and is not coming back," he said. "It was stable but as a large organization with multiple systems, you can't support too many or you will lose productivity. The [Linux] environment was capable of doing the job but we couldn't run it due to lack of resources."

The cost savings have resulted from the redundancy of an Oracle DBA on a salary of about A$150,000 (US$117,684) per year and because there are so many internal C# programmers it "didn't take much" to port the application to SQL Server.

"The server needed to be replaced anyway [and] we have an enterprise agreement with Microsoft, so it was mainly a free migration," Larsen said.

With the new system in production for three months now, Larsen said it has performed well and is an "agile environment".

On Windows Vista, Larsen has some resentment towards the new operating system.