Australia to draft cybersecuity strategy paper

In a sign of the growing government acceptance of cyber attacks as genuine threats to national security, Australia will develop its first Cyber White Paper.

To date white papers, which are concerned with issues affecting long term Defence planning, have been issued in (PDF) and prior to that, (PDF).

According to Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland, the Cyber White Paper will cover a broad range of areas including consumer protection, cyber safety, cyber crime, cyber security and cyber defence.

“The Government has commissioned the White Paper to provide insights into how Australia’s electronic operating environment can continue to maximise the benefits of the digital economy, build Australia’s digital future and support Australia’s national security,” McClelland said in a statement.

“The Cyber White Paper will examine what we need to do to protect ourselves online, the role of government, industry and the public in protecting our interests, and Australia’s enduring priorities in the cyber environment.”

Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith, said the cyber threat to Australia was real, evolving and a growing test to the country’s national security establishment.