Australia lagging in government Cloud adoption: Ovum

Australia lags behind the rest of the world in government Cloud adoption, according to analyst firm, Ovum.

Speaking at Ovum’s breakfast in Sydney, analyst Kevin Noonan said both state and federal governments are failing to adopt Cloud because of security fears.

“In reality, Australia is lagging in Cloud implementation... the US government [agencies] have been moving into this area,” Noonan said. “Security is one of the big issues that keeps being brought up as a concern with Cloud computing.”

Noonan said Cloud options were among the first technologies considered by US government agencies, but Australia remains apprehensive.

“When we’re focusing on Cloud computing, we’re only talking about the problems — there are good things,” he said. “…Cloud is to be considered first before other options in the won’t always be chosen, but Cloud needs to be considered first rather than last.”

One reason for the lack of Australian commitment could be the shortage of domestic data centre providers. Although this is chaning, Noonan said offshoring is still frowned upon in many agencies.