At long last, Visual Studio 2005 set to arrive


ASP.Net, which is Microsoft's Web development platform in Visual Studio 2005, features improvements such as two-way data binding through declarative methods, Homnick said.

"The other thing I like [about ASP.Net] is they've incorporated at a much higher level things such as membership," meaning membership processes such as authenticating users to a Web site, Homnick said. Developers no longer have to write individual login scenarios, he said.

ASP.Net makes it easier to change the overall look of Web applications, Brust said. ASP.Net also features membership and personalization features to reduce code-writing, he said. But ASP.Net development and .Net development have branched away in a "fairly pronounced way" in Visual Studio 2005, Brust said.

Web development has to be treated differently than .Net development, he said. "Let's call it a paradigm nudge that can be a little disruptive."

Brust hailed the data-binding in Visual Studio.