Arma 2 Joins the Free to Play Posse This Month

Arma 2 is an interesting game, even amongst the crowded world of military-themed shooters. It's enormously ambitious, with large-scale battles, one of the most realistic physics models in the industry and a dynamic campaign that unfolds according to players' actions. It's also got a few flaws and has something of a learning curve to it. If you've been interested in the game but not enough to drop money on it, you may want to check out Arma 2 Free, releasing later this month from developer Bohemia Interactive.

The free version of the game does not include the campaign mode, HD graphics or support for user-made addons and mods. It does, however, include the full range of over 300 weapons, units and vehicles; the 50+ player multiplayer mode; support for play on dedicated servers from either the free or retail version; and the single/multiplayer mission editor. There are no microtransactions and no hidden costs in the game -- it's completely free, effectively making it the world's most generous demo.

Find out more at the and watch out for the game later this month -- and Arma 3 in the summer of next year.