Are You a CFO Seeking Economic Analysis Tools?

When you're looking at new territories or trying to make a prediction for the state of your future business, you need full-scale tools for economic analysis -- and now you can grab a suitable solution for .

just now is introducing , a free app that offers real-time information for over 300 economic indicators in 46 countries.

The tool should help CFOs keep track of the state of the global economy, gaining the insight they might need on potential economic risk and other data.

Moody's Analytics forecasters in the US, Europe and Asia will update the data "frequently" the company said. And, while you don't get the full insight you might find on the subscription-based Dismal Scientist website you may already use, for a good, in-depth bite-sized glance at the economic condition, this app has it.

Features included within this initial first version of the app include:

Of course, this is far from the only app you'll find out there if you happen to be in the business of economic data analysis and corporate treasury control. Even the Federal Reserve offers its , while Oppenheimer Funds offers , which offers its own insights in easy app format. Then there are other solutions, such as the app or the impressive, and frequently updated free , which gives you easy and immediate access to the latest financial information.