Apple's patent power play, iPad challenge to publishers

It's time again to dip into the reader mailbag and pull out some nuggets from the residents of . First up this morning is Gene Mosher, who has an issue with Apple's patent suit over HTC's touch screen technology (see ).

Mr. Mosher's claim to fame: As a restaurant owner in New York, he back in the day. He writes:

I have been designing graphic touchscreen widgets, GUIs and touchscreen apps since 1985. I would love to take the stand in defense of any person or company being sued by Apple or by any other company seeking to enforce a touchscreen widget or GUI patent. ... I've never patented anything I've done and the world has been free to copy and innovate with what I have shown to all. That is why, in my opinion, the world is covered with graphic touch-screen systems in restaurants, supermarkets, malls and public places. I didn't become a billionaire, but I did create, freely show, and encourage others to freely copy my achievements. A flood of innovation followed and a massive amount of prior art is in place.

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Memo to HTC: If you want Gene to take the stand on your behalf, you can contact him via his company, .

Cringester T. P. adds: