Apple's ads let products speak for themselves


Contrast Apple's ad, for example, with for what many see as the iPad's closest competitor.

A transcription:

The Motorola Xoom tablet. With the velocity of a 1GHz, dual-core processor. 3D graphics engine. Gyroscope. And a widescreen HD display. Grab it, and it grabs you.

The message of this spot is clear: This tablet is about features, features, features. It has a fast processor. It plays cool games. It's the . (Though, , that future is yet to come.)

It's not a matter of saying that one ad is honest while another is dishonest--obviously, there's nothing in the Xoom spot that isn't true. But Apple's commercial is straightforward in comparison: no fancy computer effects, no chiseled male model, not even a direct appeal to the audience.