Apple reportedly on another lost iPhone scavenger hunt

Apple is reportedly trying to track down an iPhone prototype lost by a company employee at a San Francisco bar – an incident that sounds an awful lot like the high-profile lost-then-sold iPhone prototype scandal from last spring.

that an iPhone prototype was lost in late July at Cava22 and then possibly found and sold on Craigslist for $200, much to the chagrin of Apple security forces. CNET was not able to get Apple or Craigslist to comment, and local police didn’t have much to say either.

One commenter on the Apple Insider website suggested that maybe the prototype was  referring to because of alleged patent violations. anyone would recognize an iPhone 5 prototype would be worth more than $200, so that it probably wasn't an early edition of the iPhone 5.



Last year’s lost iPhone 4 episode turned into a huge news story – and a full-blown criminal investigation that resulted in charges -- when tech website found in a bar and then wrote about the device.