Apple offers iWork importing details for iOS devices

An update to one of Apple's applications usually brings new support documentation, and the Tuesday updates to the mobile versions of iWork are no exception. To coincide with the updates to , and , Apple posted more than a dozen new and revised Knowledge Base articles that deal with its mobile productivity apps.

In case you missed it, Apple on Tuesday. The 1.4 versions of these apps are now universal, updating the existing iPad implementations in addition to the newfound iPhone and iPod touch support. By allowing you to work with iWork documents on any iOS device, Apple fills in a gap that previously required a third-party offering such as --at least for people eager to see their iWork documents on a 3.5-inch screen.

Most of the support articles posted by Apple as part of Tuesday's iWork update deal with the limitations of importing an iWork document from your Mac to an iOS device. When doing so, the iOS version of the app creates a copy of the imported document and retains the original. As Apple states: "After the import process, changes made to the content or document layout are listed for your review."

Specific changes that may occur when converting a Mac iWork document to an iOS-supported version include:

* All iWork apps: 3D charts are converted to 2D charts.

* Pages: Documents using page layout are converted to word processing with text wrap.