Apple: iPhone Alarm Bug Squashed--or Is It?

Alarms on the and that weren't working correctly at the start of 2011 should be functioning properly today, Apple says. But some published reports say that's not the case.

The well-publicized bug involved non-repeating alarms set for January 1 or 2. According to a statement issued by Apple, users could avoid the glitch by setting recurring alarms for those dates. The company also said the alarms would function normally on Monday, January 3.

Over New Year's weekend, the glitch had led to a series of online comments from irate iPhone and iPod touch users, many of whom complained the bug had caused them to miss flights, be late for work, or sleep in too long.

A January 3 New York Times suggested that the alarm bug was still active, an assertion based on Monday morning reports it had received from its readers. The Los Angeles Times had a similar .

On Twitter, however, there was at least some hope by Monday afternoon. "So I set an alarm today on my #iPhone and it worked! Guess the bug fixed itself, still going to use the alarm clock in the bedroom tonight," tweeted "Rigby 810."

The latest alarm bug is similar to one that in early November, when repeating alarms went off late before or to Daylight Saving Time.